Why Advantacare?

State of the art technology is utilized throughout our facilities. Our staff of compassionate professionals work with each patient to accurately document their injuries, create a sensible treatment plan and maintain steady progress towards regaining optimum health and function.

Our Team of Professionals Can Help

The goal of our healthcare professionals is, first and foremost, to help you regain your optimal health and to minimize your risk of setbacks later in life. Our team of physicians, therapists, and support staff draw from a wide offering of treatments and modalities to customize a treatment plan suited to your particular condition. You’ll never feel like a number at Advantacare. Each and every member of our staff wants to make your experience at Advantacare a positive one.

A Variety of Treatment Options

At Advantacare, we are able to draw on a variety of treatments and equipment to develop a treatment plan that best suits your specific condition. In addition to general Medical care, Advantacare offers Physical Therapy, Bracing, IMPACT Testing for TBI, and other specialized treatments. Advantacare conveniently offers an in-office MRI scanner to quickly and accurately diagnose the nature of patient injuries.

We Know You Have Questions.
We’re Here to Help.

On top of the pain and inconvenience of an injury, it can be frustrating and confusing for a patient trying to find guidance and help in recovering their most valued possession – their health. There are many questions that need to be answered in order for a patient, suffering from a painful or limiting condition, to feel assured and comfortable with whomever they entrust their care to. Our team of professionals can help answer your questions, assess your condition, and guide you through the process. Every patient’s situation is unique, so feel free to call any of our offices with your concerns.

Conveniently Located Centers

Our facility is located to provide convenient service to nearly all areas of the Orlando metropolitan area, from Southeast Orlando all the way up to Daytona Beach. Our full-service facility is equipped with multiple therapy modalities and equipment, along with Physician Specialists and therapists to manage your treatment plan. We understand that injuries can be painful, stressful and disruptive to your lifestyle and daily responsibilities. It’s important to be able to work your recovery and treatment into your life with as little inconvenience as possible.

Once your injuries are diagnosed and your treatment plan is established, we may even be able to coordinate with a trusted facility to provide continuing routine therapy at a location that’s more convenient to your home or workplace.

Transportation Arrangements

We may even be able to assist in making transportation arrangements, if necessary. Please contact us if transportation issues are a concern for you.